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Detecting unseen hazards can mean life or death for Central Queensland workers.

IN January this year, two brothers from Sarina near Mackay died after being overcome by fumes while cleaning inside a tank used to hold molasses.

The incident that left a community and a family devastated not only sent shockwaves throughout the North Queensland town, but throughout the Queensland training and safety industry as well. Steve Brooke from Ambition Training, a registered training organisation servicing the Central Queensland region, said identifying hazards involves finding all of the things and situations that could potentially cause harm to people.

“I don’t know all of the details regarding the incident in Sarina; however, there are a number of procedures required before you work in a confined space,” Mr Brooke said.

“Working in a confined space may result in a lack of oxygen, airborne contaminants or a flammable atmosphere and other hazards may also arise from work activities, products or by-products in or around the confined space.

“There are a number of requirements for specific controls measures including communication and safety monitoring, signs, isolation of connected plant and services, and controls to maintain a safe atmosphere within the confined space.

“If these procedures are ignored or are only done by halves, there is a strong likelihood that someone could be injured, or like the two brothers in Sarina, die.”

Mr Brooke has been working in the training and safety sector since 2011 and registered his own company, Ambition Training, in 2015. Ambition Training deliver Nationally Accredited Work Health and Safety Training including working at heights and confined space, first aid and low voltage rescue.

“I originally I had an itch to scratch with wanting to start my own business and at the time I was working for a company that had some issues in delivering work health and safety training,” he said. “I’m passionate about what I do and I not only see it as assisting people with their safety at work, but also a growth industry within the Central Queensland industrial and manufacturing sector and frankly no one goes to work to die.”

Gladstone Engineering Alliance Chief Executive Officer Carli Homann said Ambition Training’s dedication and expertise in the safety sector is just another example of how Gladstone companies can deliver training and compliance right here in Central Queensland.

“This is another great example of how a highly skilled supply chain can be sourced in Gladstone not only with expertise we can provide here but globally as well and Ambition Training have proven like many companies that they can play on a world stage,” Ms Homann said.

Image (supplied) Steve Brooke from Ambition Training with his simulated training trailer.

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