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Donald Trump commends industry on clean coal and mine safety

Scott Morrison and Donald Trump
Scott Morrison and Donald Trump

The leader of the most powerful country in the world commended our nation’s resources sector for innovating clean coal technology and mine safety on September 21.

World leaders in coal

Donald Trump has praised Australia’s mining industry for being at the forefront of environmentally friendlier coal production.

“They are really at the leading edge of coal technology,” the US president said during Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s visit to the White House in Washington DC. “It’s clean coal, we call it ‘clean coal’.”

‘Great for the workers’

Trump suggested clean coal production would also benefit mine workers because it can help reduce the chance of contracting black lung and other harmful lung diseases.

“It’s also great for the workers,” he said. “It was very dangerous years ago and very bad for a lot of people.”

Much worse in the US

When compared to America’s shock finding that 10 per cent of all veteran coal miners suffer from black lung, the president said Australia’s coal industry is much safer to work in.

“You’re leading on coal … it’s incredible, I looked at your statistics the other day and coal miners are very, very safe in Australia,” Trump said. “You’re the leader of safety in coal digging and we’ve actually studied it because we’re doing a lot of coal, and you have very — literally, you almost have no — you know, you used to have a thing: black lung disease … you almost don’t have it anymore, you’ve got all of the dust down and they become wet mines, basically.”

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Record ‘so good’

Trump believes the US resources sector has much to learn from our experience.

“I will tell you I sent a whole crew over because your record is so good in terms of illnesses from digging,” he said. “Better than anybody in the world, so we’re going to catch you on that.”

Ultra clean coal coming

The domestic industry is currently experimenting with ways to produce an even more environmentally friendly ultra clean coal (UCC) through a chemical process for general use in fuel internal combustion engines like diesel engines and gas turbines to generate electricity with high efficiency.

“This improved efficiency makes UCC an environmentally preferable alternative to conventional coal power generation, producing less carbon dioxide (the main greenhouse gas) emitted per unit of electricity produced,” Yancoal said on its website. “Further work is currently underway to commercialise the process.”

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