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Driverless technology expansion could create up to $600B, new jobs says plan

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Industry is predicted to significantly benefit from the next automation boom.

The recently approved $15 billion National Robotics Strategy predicts an autonomous technology expansion could create massive wealth and employment opportunities.

“Automation technologies, including robotics, provide an opportunity to add between $170B to $600B per year to Australia’s gross domestic product by 2030. It is also good for jobs, with research showing countries that have invested more in robotics have experienced higher levels of employment growth,” Federal Industry and Science Minister Ed Husic said in a public statement.

A discussion paper has been circulated to help identify potential barriers to accelerating automation and robotics as well as concerns about potential impacts to work and communities. It promotes removing the need for “humans to be exposed to dangerous environments or to perform unsafe tasks”.

“Responses to the discussion paper will help to identify priority areas for the future of Australian robotics and automation technologies, including existing strengths and gaps to be addressed,” Husic said.

Federally funded METS Ignited, which advises mining services companies, applauded the Anthony Albanese government’s initiative.

“By shifting our focus towards converting more of our local capability into robotics and automation products and services … we can capture the revenue, jobs [and] benefits of our capability within our national economy,” CEO Adrian Beer said according to the Australian Associated Press.

Click here to read the full discussion paper.

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