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Ecco Mine Bars an All-in-One Solution

ECCO’s Mine Bar range has many configurations – from beacons and alarms to work lights and even the length itself; we’ve got your specification covered. This range is designed and manufactured from the ground up in Australia by our Auto Electrical and Engineering teams. Ecco’s Mine Bar range results from a passion for performance and a built-in toughness required for extreme environments.

The backbone to ECCO’s Mine Bar range is a specifically designed anodized aluminium extruded one-piece support bar with a centre-sealed cavity for wiring protection, ensuring these bars are robust by nature. Top and bottom rails provide flexible bar mounting options that allow easy attachment of accessories, which makes these bars versatile by design.

All Mine Bars come standard with a neatly integrated 97dB(A) Backup alarm, 2x compact ADR-approved LED Stop/Tail/Indicator lights, utility bar support rails, plastic end caps, and front and rear indents that provide an option for custom inserts.

ECCO offers five ready-to-go configurations, each featuring a variation of Amber mid-mounted warning beacons. While custom lengths, beacons, backup alarms, and work lights are available to order!

  1. Part No. UB20X02200-EB7813A, Minebar with a LED Rotating Amber Beacon (Ecco P/N EB7813A)
  2. Part No. UB20X02200-V11050, Minebar with a LED Simulated Rotating Beacon (Ecco P/N V11050)
  3. Part No. UB20X02200-EB7265A, Minebar with a Simulated Class 1 LED Beacon with Quad Burst. (Ecco P/N EB7265A)
  4. Part No. UB20X02200-5550A, Minebar with a Class 1, 11-inch LED Microbar with rotating quad burst (Ecco P/N 5550A).
  5. Part No. UB20X02280-V11050, with a Class 1, 11-inch LED Microbar (Ecco P/N V11050) and two 700 lumens side-mounted high-powered LED Flood Beam Worklights (Ecco P/N WL5094).

In applications such as mining, it’s also essential to ensure our products are robust and built to last. The Ecco Mine Bar lighting is protected to IP65 or IP67 water and dust ingress protection and tested to operate in extreme temperatures, from -40ºC to 60ºC. They are also certified to ECE R10 for electrical interference and backed up with a 5-year No-Hassle ECCO Care warranty for your peace of mind.

No matter the need, ECCO has covered you with up to 6 lengths and plenty of accessories and replacement parts, including Aerial mounts, mounting plates, work lights, rubber endcaps, and multi-Frequency backup alarms.

Contact your ECCO Safety Group representative for custom necessities. Bespoke solutions will be subject to minimum order requirements, and lead times may vary depending on the solution.

For more information, visit our website at www.eccoesg.com/au/en or call 1800 815 000.

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