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Employer approves replacing diesel vehicles with electric models

Tembo electric light vehicle
An electric light vehicle

A mining services company decided to substitute fossil fuel powered locomotives.

An entity that is half owned by CIMIC Group recently confirmed it would replace nearly all diesel light vehicles with more eco friendly alternatives.

“Thiess’ target of 85 per cent of all light vehicles to be hybrid or battery electric by the end of 2030 includes light vehicles owned, hired or leased by Thiess for use at operations and excludes novated lease vehicles,” the subsidiary said in its latest sustainability report.

Thiess admitted these electric replacements will have a much shorter range than those powered by conventional fuels.

“Initial assessment shows tool-of-trade vehicles used in the Hunter Valley, New South Wales in Australia may be most suitable due to shorter travel distances. They will use feedback from pilot participants to assess applicability for other sites and applications,” it said.

The company is also investigating the feasibility of using battery electric heavy vehicles (BEVs) to transport workers between accommodation camps and mine sites, especially during shift changeovers. A pilot is planned for before the end of 2023, after which all accommodation-site transport will be replaced with BEVs.

“These types of commutes, with multiple runs with time in between not running, are a suitable application for BEVs. Working with an electric vehicle lease company Thiess is investigating various specifications to suit different applications,” the company said.

The employer was inspired by an environmental theory that burning fossil fuels creates carbon dioxide emissions, which can influence long-term weather patterns.

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