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Essential safety gear for workers


Nivek Industries Tracked Elevating Devices (TED) are essential pieces of safety gear for anyone working on dozers, graders, dump trucks, and other mining and earth-moving machinery.

TED is a remote controlled self propelled belly plate jack designed to take the weight out of belly plate removal and replacement while removing personnel from the deadly crush zone of suspended loads.

After several years of meticulous development, Nivek Industries is proud to introduce a new, larger, and more potent bigger brother, appropriately named Big TED.

Big TED was primarily designed to lift weights that were above the SWL of TED yet still maintain a low profile and manoeuvrability. Capable of lifting loads of up to 3,000kgs (6,614lbs) to a height of 1,600mm (63inch), Big TED can lift those heavy loads that were beyond his little brother’s capacity.

The increased lifting capacity is accomplished via a robust scissor lift mechanism powered by two hydraulic cylinders which provide ample power and reliability.

Operated by a joystick activated remote control, Big TED can achieve even greater precision during its movement. The fully proportional joystick and independent electric drive motors allows operators to easily control the speed and direction of Big TED with extreme precision.

Several user-friendly features including a powered turntable, +/- 40mm side shift, loaded weight display, and AUX power for attachments will provide operators with a fully controllable system.


Designed by a fitter for fitters,TED and Big TED are the only remote-controlled, all-terrain, hydraulic belly plate jacks on the market.


Big TED utilises remote-control operation effectively removing personnel from suspended load hazards and safeguards against potentially fatal crush injuries.


Big TED can be used in very tight spaces under fixed-plant or machinery to remove and replace heavy components.


Big TED has been built with a powered turntable, table side shift, load cells, and tilt sensor, to provide operators greater control and useful feedback.


Big TED allows for streamlined field maintenance which increases productivity and reduces the need for personnel to move loads around and between sites.


Big TED is wirelessly controlled by a paired radio system operating at 2.4GHz.


A 24V rechargeable battery system powers Big TED’s two independent 3.5kW infinite control electric drive motors.


Big TED has been built with an impressive 3,000kg (6,614lbs) safe working load lifting capacity.


Versatile smart attachments can be mounted to the Big TED turntable or table front allowing operators to perform a variety of tasks.


  • Designed to protect against manual handling related injuries
  • Load lock valves
  • Strobe and alarm for visual and auditory warning when in use
  • Dual emergency stop features on both Big TED and remote control
  • Deadman switch on the remote
  • Dual pole lockable battery isolator
  • Tilt sensor installed to reduce the risk of overbalancing
  • Load cells incorporated into the table to notify operators of overloading
  • Bellows cover to eliminate any scissor related hazards.


  • Increased lifting capacity
  • Precision joystick remote-controlled operation
  • 2 hours of continuous rechargeable battery operation
  • 40 Amp charger included
  • Powerful drive motors
  • Low dimension profile
  • Ongoing maintenance and support
  • Robust product warranty
  • Electric drive system
  • Versatile smart attachment range.


Tare weight: 2,350kg
Safe Working Load: 3,000kg
Length: 2385mm
Width: 1475mm
Height: 621 – 1615mm
Ground Clearance: 122mm
Motor Type: Two (2) 24VDC brushless electric drive motors and motor controllers 3.5kW with 51:1 inline gearbox electromagnetic brake
Radio System: Scanreco G3B Remote
Control System: G3 Receiver CANOpen Unit and Transmitter Mini Joystick (Paired System) and 2.4Ghz operating frequency
Ground Speed: Maximum speed 3km/hr (1.8m/h)


Big TED has been designed to support the utilisation of smart attachments to allow operators to safely support and maneuver heavy, awkward loads into position efficiently. Nivek can also design new attachments and adaptations to meet your site’s needs.

View the complete range of TED attachments to start maximising your operational efficiency today.

View the attachment range.


Designed by a fitter, Big TED is built to last and for ease of maintenance. Servicing your own machine will not void the warranty. Detailed maintenance schedules and procedures can be found within the operator’s manual allowing regular servicing to be performed through your own fitters, by Nivek Industries or our Service Agents.

Nivek Industries and our global network of Service Agents can provide customers with onsite training and induction packages to simplify the induction to site.

For a full service schedule and product support please refer to our support page.

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