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Final Module Arrives for Curtis Island LNG Projects

Curtis Island LNGThe last of Australia Pacific LNG’s 69 modules was successfully delivered yesterday marking the arrival of all 260 modules for Bechtel’s LNG construction projects on Curtis Island.

“This is an incredible accomplishment and vital to keeping these projects on track,” said Alasdair Cathcart, Bechtel’s general manager of LNG. “The construction and transport of the modules—including one weighing six times more than an A380 airliner—were among the most complex challenges of the projects. Their successful delivery is a result of collaboration with our customers and the dedication of the teams at each location.”

The modules for the Queensland Curtis LNG, Santos GLNG, and Australia Pacific LNG projects were designed, built, and delivered over a three-year period. While the total module scope and size is similar for the three projects, each project designed their modules to meet the engineering parameters required for their site.

The Santos GLNG project consists of 111 modules, Queensland Curtis LNG has 80, and Australia Pacific LNG has 69. The tallest module measures more than 30 metres and the longest more than 75 metres. The combined weight of the steel structures equals that of 12 Eiffel Towers. The modules, prefabricated steel structures that house the production units, were built by Bechtel in Indonesia, Thailand, and the Philippines then shipped to Australia.

“The delivery of all 69 modules to the Australia Pacific LNG site marks the culmination of years of design, planning and construction along with the complex transport and logistics requirements of moving and receiving the modules at Curtis Island,” said Darren Mort, Bechtel’s Senior Project Manager for the Australia Pacific LNG project. “In just the last five weeks, we have delivered six major modules to the site, including the biggest across all three LNG projects, weighing in at 3,500 tonnes.”

Curtis Island Module Fast Facts:

? 260 modules shipped in 83 shipments
? 111 for Santos GLNG
? 80 for QCLNG
? 69 for Australia Pacific LNG
? The total weight of all 260 modules is equivalent to 12 Eiffel Towers
? Enough pipe to cover 334 kilometres
? Total of 348,404 nuatical miles travelled- that’s equivalent to travelling around the globe 16 times.
? Heaviest Module: 3,500 tonnes
? Longest Module: 77 metres
? Tallest Module: 30.5 metres

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