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Global Mining reports released

Professional services company Deloitte’s has released two latest global mining reports.

The two reports explore cyber risk (an integrated approach to combat cyber risk: securing industrial operations in mining) and human capital trends (beyond HR: rethinking work and operations in the mining industry) and their impact on the global mining sector.

National Mining Leader Ian Sanders said that based on findings from Deloitte’s 2018 Global Human Capital Trends report, Beyond HR elaborates further on how organisations can prepare for intelligent mining, including the redefinition of workforce strategies and talent models.

“Disruptive technologies are prompting massive transformation for mining companies,” Sanders said.

“A survey of energy and resources leaders reveals 76 per cent consider artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics as critical factors for success but just 31 per cent are ready to adopt the technology.

“Beyond HR explores how companies can redefine their workforce strategies and talent models to take advantage of the digital age.”

The cyber risk report examines how cyber threats are disrupting the mining value chain and outlines approaches companies can take to secure their operations.

“Despite cyber-attacks growing in number and sophistication across many industries, the mining industry has been spared in comparison,” Sanders said.

“But as the industry advances towards digitalisation and intelligent mining, it’s becoming more and more important to proactively secure operations against cyber threats.”

An integrated approach to combat cyber risk shares key considerations and practical steps mining companies can take to secure their industrial control systems (ICS) to ensure their operations are more secure, vigilant and resilient.

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