QMEB ยป Heavy vehicle drivers win 20 per cent pay rise, $20K retention
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Heavy vehicle drivers win 20 per cent pay rise, $20K retention

BHP train drivers
BHP train drivers

Working slowly and temporarily walking off the job proved worthwhile for mining giant operators.

BHP recently offered train drivers a 20 per cent wage increase over four years irrespective of performance appraisals, two $20,000 retention payments, better rosters and flight assistance guarantees. No employee will need to work an overtime roster without giving prior consent.

“We believe members have been offered a great deal that reflects the unity and determination members have shown and we encourage all members to vote yes to the proposed agreement,” Mining and Energy Union (MEU) Western Australian district secretary Greg Busson said in a public statement.

The remarks came after 97 per cent of MEU eligible members voted to slow down some trains to less than 30km/h for the week starting Saturday, 17 February 2024. Train drivers had banned routes carrying maintenance material, construction equipment and fuel throughout the period. A 24-hour stoppage was also planned for February 16.

Since BHP revised its enterprise agreement, train operators cancelled their proposed industrial action.

The proponent had replaced its existing BHP Billiton Iron Ore Locomotive Drivers Agreement from a decade ago.

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