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Heavy vehicle operator runs over ute blocking its path

Dozer ute accident
Dozer ute accident

A mine worker learnt the hard way not to park in a way that prevents other vehicles from entering and exiting.

An operator recently thought it was a good idea to park his utility vehicle less than 30 metres from a Caterpillar bulldozer at an undisclosed site.

He moved to the dozer, started the engine and shortly after crashed into his own ute. QMEB understands the light vehicle was written off.

“The operator of the light vehicle parked within the 30 metre exclusion zone of a dozer and … the operator of the D11 dozer had reversed into their unoccupied light vehicle,” the New South Wales Resources Regulator said in a safety bulletin.

Investigators determined the driver had parked the ute in an “incorrect” location, failed to adhere to the 50/30 rule and followed “poor change management” processes.

They recommended:

  • communicating stability, material grades and other hazards in the work area
  • reviewing stockpiles to confirm valve locations are easily and readily identifiable for operators
  • keeping blades, rippers and other ground implements as low to the ground as possible during operation, particularly on uneven surfaces
  • reviewing risk control measures in accordance with section 15 and 16 of the Work Health and Safety (Mines and Petroleum Sites) Regulation and record them in accordance with section 17 (record of certain reviews of control measures) of the regulation
  • reviewing the safety system as required by section 22 of the regulation.

Click here to read the full safety bulletin.

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