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-Karratha, Western Australia-


Drilling at the top of the Radio Hill ore body intersects shallow high-grade nickel over significant widths.
Best intercepts include:

15m @ 2.05% Ni, 1.94% Cu, 0.09% Co from 27m (ARH066)
Incl. 3m @ 3.37% Ni, 2.05% Cu, 0.14% Co from 27m
Incl. 2m @2.53% Ni, 1.35% Cu, 0.11% Co from 32m
Incl. 5m @2.46% Ni, 2.26% Cu, 0.10% Co from37m
7m @ 1.9% Ni, 1.07% Cu, 0.08% Co from 18m (ARH015)
8m @ 1.14% Ni, 0.96% Cu, 0.06% Co from 75m (ARH007)
within 17m @ 0.81% Ni, 0.83% Cu, 0.04% Co from 67m
3m @ 1.35% Ni, 1.27% Cu, 0.07% Co from 88m (ARH046)
within 16m @ 0.89% Ni, 0.99% Cu, 0.05% Co from 75m
3m @ 1.24% Ni, 2.42% Cu, 0.07% Co from 123m (ARH019)
within 26m @ 0.57% Ni, 0.92% Cu, 0.03% Co from 106m
2m @2.93% Ni, 2.90% Cu, 0.12% Co from 19m (ARH020)
25m @ 0.71% Ni, 0.89% Cu, 0.03% Co from 50m (ARH004)
19m @ 0.57% Ni, 0.99% Cu, 0.02% Co from 26 m (ARH062).

5 diamond drill holes just completed. Results pending.
Resource estimation targeted for the end of May 2018.
Open pit designs targeted for the end of June 2018.

David Lenigas, Artemis’s Executive Chairman, commented;

“Artemis has now received all of the RC drilling results from the top of the Radio Hill deposit, which is located only 400m from our Radio Hill plant crushing circuit. These are excellent shallow Ni/Cu/Co grades and our focus on this deposit is now to calculate the new near surface mineral resource estimates and produce optimised open pit shells. With today’s nickel, copper and cobalt prices, we will be working with our independent consultants to assess Radio Hill’s near term open pit potential.”

Artemis Resources Limited (‘Artemis’ or ‘the Company’) (ASX: ARV) is pleased to provide the drilling results from the drilling of the top of the Radio Hill deposit.

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