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Hydrogen technology trials greenlighted with $4.9m funding

Energy Networks Australia welcomes the announcement of $4.9m funding support for Australian Gas Infrastructure Group as a key milestone in efforts to decarbonise Australia’s gas networks.

The Hydrogen Park project will demonstrate the potential to produce hydrogen from renewable energy and inject it into gas networks. It will then be used to power the Tonsley Innovation District in Adelaide
“South Australia leads the way when it comes to renewable generation,” said Andrew Dillon, CEO of Energy Networks Australia.

“Using hydrogen to store excess renewable energy in the gas network is breakthrough technology. The stored energy could then be used for heating or cooking in the home, or alternatively used for power generation when required.

“Our gas networks are potentially a huge battery storage solution for Australia, with the infrastructure already in place.”

Hydrogen will be produced using a 1.25 MW Siemens electrolyser that will be powered by renewable energy generated in South Australia. Funding support is through the South Australian Government’s $150m Renewable Technology Fund.

“Australia has 5 million household gas connections which already provide low emission energy to homes, but industry is leading the way to establish how networks can be decarbonised.

“Australia’s gas networks are embracing innovation to ensure customers can continue to enjoy the benefits of gas while reducing greenhouse gas emissions,” said Mr Dillon.

“With this new technology, our existing gas networks could deliver better outcomes for Australian households and businesses, the environment and the economy.”

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