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Improving Operator OH&S: LED Live Line Indicator

AusProof LED live line

AusProof’s Live Line Indicator was originally released in 1998 using neon bulb technology. Designed for use in underground operational environments to assist with OH&S practices around high voltages, this battery-free fail-safe system allowed for easy identification of a coupler connected to a live line.

Recognising the importance of having high quality equipment in all working environments, especially in hazardous ones, AusProof is always looking for the next project to undertake in order to assist the industry. After years of reliable service to the industry, in 2018 AusProof began working on redesigning the Live Line Indicator with two goals in mind. One goal was to make the indicator brighter and easier to see in underground operational sites. The other goal was to expand its use to include open-air and metalliferous sites, to make it visible even in these brightly lit conditions, offering operators at these sites the same level of safety and risk-awareness.

AusProof’s Research and Development team spent the next two years on research, thinking outside the box, and experimenting with modern technology. In 2020, their hard work paid off, and the new and improved LED Live Line Indicator was released. Brighter than ever before, the use of LED technology has made the blinking of the indicator visible even in the bright light of open-air and metalliferous sites, as well as increasing operator awareness and safety in underground sites. Designed to use as few electrical components as possible, the new and improved indicator also has a massive 50,000-hour lifespan.

An important feature that the new LED Live Line Indicator has carried over from its predecessor is that it is battery-free, drawing power from the current running through the coupler itself without interfering with its operations. The use of a battery to power the indicator is something that AusProof has always refused to consider, both during the original design phase and its latest redevelopment process, as batteries can give a false positive of a live line. When the flow of electricity through the coupler ceases, the LED Live Line Indicator will switch off.

If you are interested in learning more about the LED Live Line Indicator, do not hesitate to get in touch with your local state sales representatives. Contact details for AusProof can be found below, with the details for each individual state sales representative located on the AusProof website.


Address: 6 Shona Avenue, Clinton QLD 4680
Phone: (07) 4978 4000
Website: www.ausproof.com.au
Facebook: AusProofAustralia
LinkedIn: AusProof

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