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Jet Capsule: Pocket rocket

Jet Capsule: Pocket rocket

Combining the refinement of a yacht with the practicality and manoeuvrability of a fishing tinny, the Jet Capsule is a poppy little number that does the trick with a fraction of the fuss.

[pullQuote]“In the customised version they can even jam in a kitchen and private bathroom…”[pullQuote]

The Jet Capsule can seat up to nine people and also has a number of fold out bed configurations for when Nanna Naps attack. In the customised version they can even jam in a kitchen and private bathroom. The mind boggles…

The Jet Capsule is made from 100% pre-preg carbon including the upper structure, the central stairway and the deck. This makes the vessel extremely lightweight and very stable in the water.

Jet Capsule: Pocket rocket

The highly advantageous weight/power ratio means the Jet Capsule can reach a top speed of 50 knots. Not quite as fast as The Phenomenom, but hey, give the little guy a break.This means that less diesel is needed on board, producing a positive cycle which makes the yacht less expensive to run.

The manufacturers are also working on the design for an electric model which the environment will be pleased to hear about.

Will set you back: AUD $268,306

Top speed: 50 knots / 92.6 kph

Great for: Cruising about with a couple of mates

Source: www.jetcapsule.com

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