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#job General Services Miner

Job Description

  • Perform pre-start check as per procedure requirements of light vehicle and Integrated Tool carrier – visual inspection and check oil/water
  • Two or three people work together to install underground services incl. air vents. Fans, ventilation ducting, water lines, pumps lines
  • Alternate driving of Integrated Tool carrier or light vehicle with working from a cage suspended on the end of a boom operated by the I.T.
  • Transfer equipment from light vehicle to I.T. cage i.e. vent bags, polypipe, cable tensioner, plates/barrels/wedges, blast mats
  • Hang vent bags and services onto wall/roof using clips
  • Pipes and blast mats are laid on edge of cage when extending services to take some of the weight
  • Install plate, barrel and wedge on the wall and backs, requiring sustained and repetitive overhead work to position and operate cable tensioner
  • Install dewatering pumps
  • Housekeeping i.e. picking up rubbish underground
  • Attend daily PSI meetings and monthly safety meetings
  • 12 Month duration from commencement


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