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Leaked report reveals majority of skilled migrant visas “may be fraudulent”

Immigration controlA leaked intelligence report has revealed that the majority of skilled migrant visas may be fraudulent and that the government does not have the resources to investigate.

Fairfax Media is reporting that, “…as many as nine in 10 skilled migrant visas may be fraudulent…” after the organisation received hundreds of pages of confidential documents leaked from the federal immigration department.

Quoted from the Sydney Morning Herald yesterday: “The confidential Immigration Department files reveal repeated internal warnings over several years that widespread visa fraud is “business as usual yet remains largely untreated” because the department’s investigation and enforcement capacity has collapsed.”

The leaked files also reveal that skilled worker visa programs are being routinely rorted, with one example being the approval of visas for thousands of cooks and accountants despite Australia not experiencing any skills shortages in these areas.

“A 2009 report reveals that the ”student visa program is failing”, ”the general skilled migration program is failing” and the falsifying of qualifications was ”prolific”,” reports the Sydney Morning Herald.

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