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Making coal fired power stations cleaner

Carbonxt is a pollution control company, making coal fired power stations cleaner.
It’s clean technology is already being used by power stations and utilities in the United States, with the CEO and Chairman based in Sydney.
Carbonxt uses Activated Carbon (AC) products to remove mercury from gas and wastewater emitted by coal fed power stations.
Unlike competitors, Carbonxt’s AC products for mercury capture do not contain bromine, which can cause corrosion of plant and equipment at significant cost.
Roughly 2,000 tonnes of mercury is released into the atmosphere each year, with predictions this could reach 3,400 tonnes by 2050.
Given mercury is a potent neurotoxin, the US has ratified the Minamata Convention, a UN treaty limiting the production and use of mercury. Australia has signed the convention, but there has been no action since then to ratify it.
Interestingly, the rules around carbon emissions are far stricter in the US than in Australia.
Not only does mercury reduction have significant health benefits, a major study in 2009 estimated reducing global mercury emissions would carry an economic benefit of between US$1.8 billion and US$2.22 billion (in 2005 dollars).

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