QMEB ยป Miners will struggle to fill 20,000 jobs due to COVID says report
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Miners will struggle to fill 20,000 jobs due to COVID says report

Fortescue Metals Group workers
Fortescue Metals Group workers

Prolonged restrictions to help contain the worldwide pandemic could create a skills shortage that drives up wages for experienced resources professionals.

Demand for skilled mine workers could soar if different states and territories continue to keep their borders shut to stop the spread of coronavirus.

In the past Fortescue Metals Group and the mining giants have depended on a “very mobile” construction workforce that can quickly attract large numbers of workers and quickly turn over major projects in remote areas.

Wages tipped to jump

However, the deadly disease is making it less attractive for interstate employees because many of them would have to spend two weeks in mandatory quarantine before setting foot in the work site.

“If you have to quarantine for 14 days to take work in WA why would you, unless the wage is outrageous?” News Limited reported.

Since many employment contracts were drafted before the pandemic hit, there is still not a huge incentive for job seekers to work outside of their home state or territory.

Up to 20,000 jobs

However, industry specialists revealed sometime in late 2021 there could be thousands of jobs that employers cannot fill unless border closures are lifted.

“Industry sources say the situation has not yet hit crisis point but it is only months away, with potential labour shortages of up to 20,000 people across the industry if a ceasefire is not called in the border lockdown wars,” the media outlet said.

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This strongly suggests job seekers, who are in the right place and at the right time, could hold stronger bargaining power over employers due to the high number of vacant jobs.

“If you have got a useful ticket and you are already in WA, the boom times are back, baby,” the publication said.

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