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Mining industry second highest industry targeted by email hackers

A new report by Symantec has revealed the mining industry was the second highest industry targeted by email hackers in the first half of 2017. According to Symantec’s Internet Security Threat Report – Email Threats 2017over 1 in 5 email users in mining had received a malicious email.

The same strengths that have made email such a popular communication tool are the reasons it has become the weapon of choice for cyber criminals. Email offers cyber criminals a direct channel to an end user. If an employee or contractor with access to your systems can be convinced to open an attachment or click a link, the malware is able to cut through your organisation’s most complex and sophisticated security measures and give attackers uninhibited access to precious IP, sensitive operational information, and customer data.

For more, please see the full blog post here. The report also lists manufacturing as one of the top 5 verticals targeted by email malware.

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