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Mining kids launch clothing brand

South Australian mining kids Deegan Dealtry and Sam Ranford, both 12, have launched a clothing brand called Pretty Rooster in a bid to show other children that mining is cool.

Both boys come from mining families and have grown up with parents who spend time away for work.

“I’m only 12 and Dad has spent half my life doing FIFO, but that is just how his job works,” says Sam Ranford, whose father Joe works as a mining engineer and mum Alicia is the creator of the award-winning support network Mining Family Matters.

“I really miss him when he is away but we talk on the phone and I like hearing about all the cool things he does. We decided to make these cool t-shirts so all mining kids can wear them and feel proud of our parents working in mining.”

Deegan Dealtry is the artist behind the unique t-shirt designs.

“Mum goes to the mine site for two days each week, but my brother, sister and I are all used to it,” Deegan says.  “Dad makes sure we keep organised and it’s pretty awesome that Mum gets to wear steel-capped boots and a hard hat.”

Pretty Rooster is a combination of the boys’ school nicknames: ‘Pretty Boy’ for Deegan and ‘Rooster’ for Sam.

Deegan’s mum Jacquie, who works in HR for an Adelaide-based mining company, says Deegan was basically born with a pencil in his hand.

“Ever since he was tiny he’s loved to draw – it’s great to see him develop the talent into a small business. It will teach both boys such great skills,” Jacquie says.

The boys have combined their pocket money savings to print their first run of t-shirts and plan to release new designs four times a year. The original four designs are priced from $27.95 (including delivery) and are available in children’s and adult sizes. Visit www.facebook/miningfamilymatters for more information and to order.

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