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New Caval Ridge Mine “disappointing” for using 100 per cent FIFO workforce

Caval RidgeIssac Regional Council Mayor, Anne Baker, has used yesterday’s official opening of BMA’s Caval Ridge coal mine near Moranbah, to continue her campaign against 100 per cent FIFO workforces.

Ms Baker said while all new mining development and long-term investment is welcome, it’s now more important than ever that local people have the opportunity to apply for local jobs.

“Our community here is stoic, vibrant and successful – a community with a 40 year history in mining.”

“It’s disappointing for workers, their families and businesses in the Isaac and surrounding regions.”

“BHP Billiton Mitsubishi Alliance (BMA) chose a 100 per cent FIFO workforce – and elected to remove genuine choice from workers and their families to live locally and be part of our community.”

“The Isaac region is passionate about mining and supporting industry expansion, provided it is done responsibly.”

“I urge the Premier to support regional Queensland by committing to a concrete and appropriate regulatory approvals process, so we can support those companies who understand the need for sustainable mining and strong communities.”

“I urge the Premier to give workers genuine choice to live in their communities where they work.”

“Workers should not be steamrolled into moving away from their families and their community.”

“To secure a sustainable future for our children, we need to balance responsible workplace practices with families living and working in our communities.”

“Industry, local, state and federal governments have a responsibility to protect established resource communities.”

“We are custodians of the fabric of our communities and should be insisting that responsible workplace practices are introduced into regulatory reform, as opposed to 100 per cent FIFO.”

“While Council is not naive enough to expect the total employment numbers to be sourced locally, some would be a huge benefit.

“As I have said before, our vital and well established mining regions must be strong, healthy communities, not just ever expanding tarmacs for large mining companies.”

“Incentive and choice for local family living should be at the heart of mining company operations in our region – not 100 per cent forced FIFO.”

“We have yet to receive a very clear explanation or demonstration of data for the need for 100 per cent forced FIFO on any project when we’ve got skilled workforce living in our region,” said Mayor Baker.


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