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The Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA) and the Passive House Institute (PHI) have joined forces to drive the uptake of more environmentally efficient buildings that are the cutting edge of comfort, quality and workmanship. Modulus Luxury Residential will be a case study for the first multi-residential building in Australia to be built attempting to meet a 6 star Green Star combined with a Passive House rating.

The partnership comes after the GBCA proposed an update to the Green Star – Design & As Built rating tool, which would recognise a new Passive House pathway to achieve ‘Greenhouse Gas Emissions’ and ‘Thermal Comfort’ credits.

“Our goal is to recognise Passive House certified buildings within Green Star to deliver a better built environment. We will be working together to provide the industry with guidance on how buildings with Passive House certification can achieve Green Star credits, because we want more buildings to meet Passive House benchmarks,” explains Mr Jorge Chapa, GBCA’s head of Market Transformation.

“Today, the growing number of project teams working with Passive House is a sure sign of the future potential of ultra-low energy buildings,” Says Darren O’Dea, APHA’s Chairperson.

“Modulus Luxury Residential Bellevue Hill is a ten-apartment complex being built in Sydney’s blue ribbon Eastern Suburbs that will be home to the country’s most sustainable and environmentally friendly residence, and Sydney’s first multi-residential project to go for both 6 Star Green Star and Passive House (PassivHaus) certification. By combining a sustainable rating standard with a quality of building standard this high, Modulus Luxury Bellevue Hill will be one of a kind in Australia, and will set a benchmark for future sustainable residential developments.” Says Dr Rajesh Nellore, Modulus Luxury Managing Director.

“Modulus’s truly sustainable homes embody this holistic approach to sustainability. Part of a new generation of ‘smart’ homes, they combine innovation and technology to provide resilient, future-proof homes with benefits that extend well beyond their walls and for living well into the future” concludes Dr Nellore.

“Modulus Luxury Residential – Building a luxurious and comfortable life for today, investing in sustaining lives and the environment tomorrow.” Dr. Rajesh Nellore

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