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NSW Mines Rescue General Manager Appointed to the International Mines Rescue Body Board

Coal Services GM Alaster Wylie

Coal Services is proud to announce that Alaster Wylie, General Manager of Mines Rescue/Regulation and Compliance, has been nominated and accepted a prestigious position on the board of the International Mines Rescue Body (IMRB).

The IMRB stands as the world’s largest network of mines rescue professionals, responders, and specialists. The IMRB is at the forefront of mining jurisdictions, sharing intelligence, and enhancing emergency response capabilities on a global scale.

Mr Wylie’s nomination to the IMRB board serves as a testament to his dedication, expertise, and outstanding leadership and underscores NSW Mines Rescue’s commitment to improving emergency response capabilities, not only within Australia, but also across the international mining community.

Lucy Flemming, Managing Director/CEO of Coal Services, expressed her confidence in Alaster’s appointment, stating,

“Alaster’s appointment to the IMRB board is a source of immense pride for Coal Services. It reflects his remarkable contributions to our organisation and reaffirms our commitment to fostering innovation and safety in the mining industry. We believe that Alaster’s expertise and dedication will make a significant impact on mine safety efforts worldwide.”

Mr Wylie said that he was honoured by the nomination.

“NSW Mines Rescue was a key founding member of the IMRB when the organisation started in 2001 and today it comprises 24 members and 10 associate members. It is a privilege to represent our industry at this level and to continue to shape the future of mine safety and emergency response practices globally.”

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