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People in the mining sector aren’t exactly the shy, retiring types. It’s a tough industry, both mentally and physically. Any psychologist will tell you it’s healthy to let off steam, so this page is dedicated to those with a mind to have their say..

State Government approval of the Galilee Coal Project had everyone talking…

  • “That should be good for Emerald, it will grow more, although most workers will FIFO even during construction” – Robert
  • “I was out there when it was still at the exploration stage. Great to finally get it happening” – Steve
  • “Nice Work Qld LNP & GVK HANCOCK, this will strengthen the back end of the economy and reduce unemployment in the region” – Reuben
  • “Things are looking up for that area. I hope they employ a few of the western boys” – Toney

Facebook went into meltdown over our report on Downer receiving approval to advertise “women-only” truck driving jobs…

  • “I’m a firm believer in equal rights … Key word being equal and when it comes to heavy machinery it should be entirely competence based. This is common sense and unfortunately it is becoming less common in the workplace. Where do they get they’re statistics from? Competence can’t be based on gender” – Billy
  • “Incompetent men look out cause competent women are taking over… $$ Cha Ching $$… Time to get in the kitchen boys cause mumma is going to be bringing home the bacon!” – Leisa
  • “Give the girls a go, it’s true, the women are more careful, me I drive the thing like its stolen” – Rob
  • “Haven’t they seen females drive down a highway” – Glenn
  • “Nothing against women in mining but to advertise a job for women only is discrimination” – Brad

Approval for the Cavel Ridge mining camp just outside of Moranbah got everyone hot and bothered over FIFO…

“Why worry about one mine being FIFO when there are a lot of mines around Moranbah that are DIDO… ?? (drive-in, drive-out) Moranbah gets more than enough from all the miners that work on the other mines around the area!” – Terry

“I’m passionate about the place I grew up in and work in” – Dion

“I spend money at the town I work at, then I go home to the lifestyle I want. I drive 1100 Kmís a week to do this, thatís my choice. I donít however spend at the gouging businesses that charge more than even remote Cape York and Arnhemland shops for products. No-one wants to get ripped off.” – Shaun

We asked our readers to let us know what they find most frustrating about safety on the mine site. The answers came thick and fast…

“We do all need to reassess our own standings within today’s working environ and realise that every individual can and does make mistakes. Let’s not make an issue, excuse or complain yet acknowledge our own shortcomings, learn from them and use the experience to teach others so as not to have them happen again. “One person’s COMMOM is not another person’s SENSE” – Christopher

“Ridiculous safety rules. We have to wear gloves while operating machines now for God knows what reason, and we can hardly get a grip on the steering wheel, it just slides through your hands. I don’t even know what the gloves are protecting us from?” – Jordan


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