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Oral-fluid drug testing: Are you fit for work?

The implementation of an appropriate and effective drug testing policy and procedure can sometimes be controversial. Currently, the debate about oral-fluid testing versus urine testing is a hot topic in organisations around the country.

It is generally accepted by site stakeholders that there should be a formal drug testing policy alongside a random testing programme to identify whether employees are “fit for work”. However, the debate over the most suitable testing methods is ongoing.

Dräger has worked with many organisations to help them determine the best method for testing. Oral fluid testing can detect drug use immediately after the user has taken drugs.  This is in contrast to urine testing with its slightly delayed detection due to the required metabolisation. Urine tests also have a longer detection window, picking up drug use that may have occurred weeks prior to the test which may not be specifically related to the current “fit for work” status. 

The cost to the industry in standing down a worker at a remote location, only to be proven by a laboratory to be a false positive is considerable. High quality drug testing devices produce significantly fewer false results (false positives and false negatives) than inferior devices available on the market. 

To facilitate an effective drug testing policy and procedure, Dräger’s Drugcheck 3000 is a highly mobile, visual drug screening test. Offering outstanding sensitivity and accuracy, the DrugCheck® 3000 tests for up to 6 different drug groups in oral fluid including amphetamine, methamphetamine, opiates, cocaine, cannabis and benzodiazepines. The non-invasive test is 100% observable, eliminating the need for special facilities or gender-specific staffing that may be required for urine drug testing.  As a self-contained unit, the Drugcheck 3000 is easy to use and minimises the risk of sample contamination.

Dräger also has an easy to use and free of charge smartphone app to complement the use of the DrugCheck® 3000. Using the mobile phone’s camera and torch, the app automates what would otherwise be a manual and visual evaluation of test lines, thereby reducing the risk of human error. With the added functionality of the Dräger DrugCheck® app, the resulting test data including the testing participants information and associated date/time/location records can be captured and logged confidentially in a few easy steps to support your company’s testing requirements.  

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