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Permit Granted For Uranium Exploration in Far North West Queensland

Uranium Exploration Permit Hedleys SouthA permit to explore for uranium in far north west Queensland has been granted to Superior Resources by the Queensland Department of Natural Resources and Mines.

Exploration Permit for Minerals (EPM) 18203 “Hedleys South” has been granted covering the Hedleys Uranium Prospect, north west of Mount Isa.

The company claims, “The Hedleys Uranium Prospect is a strong airborne uranium radiometric anomaly associated with small groundwater springs along the Nicholson River Fault. The radiometric anomaly apparently results from daughter products derived from Radon222 gas which in turn is a decay product of Uranium238.”

The Radon gas appears to have been separated from its source uranium and to have been transported to the surface by methane and carbon dioxide which are
escaping up the Nicholson River Fault and bubbling from the source area of the groundwater springs.”

“The site of the uranium source is uncertain but it may be on an unconformity between sandstones of the South Nicholson Group and the underlying carbonaceous Doomadgee Formation.”

According to the company, “A considerable proportion of the world’s uranium is mined from deposits on or close to similar unconformities.”


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