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Pilot exploration project coming to Surat Basin

Anthony Lynham mining
Anthony Lynham mining

Queensland’s coal-seam gas rich Surat Basin yields a new opportunity for a pilot exploration project that could create hundreds of jobs.

The State Government recently agreed to release about 58 sq km land for exploration with strict Australia-only sale conditions on gas produced. The small volume of potential gas supplies will be sourced from a pilot exploration project.

This project is hoped to ease gas shortages experienced across the Australian eastern seaboard.

“Reliable supply for energy and feedstock is critical to business and industry, and the jobs and revenue they generate,” State Natural Resources and Mines Minister Dr Anthony Lynham says.

“Gas is a significant transitional energy source as we head to a renewable energy future. Secure energy supplies is growing as a critical factor when businesses make decisions about when and where they invest, expand and create jobs.

“The State Government is job-focused and we are prepared to try innovative measures like this pilot to generate support private sector investment and job creation. This is a pilot to see what can be achieved and how the market reacts.”

The State Department of Natural Resources and Mines will advertise the opportunity as a competitive tender on the QTenders website. The successful tenderer will be required to complete environmental and other requirements including negotiating land access agreements with landowners and native title parties.

Register as a supplier here: hpw.qld.gov.au/qtenders

The pilot is promised to have no impact on existing gas producers or contracts in the state’s existing $70 billion liquefied natural gas industry.

“The major LNG exporters have extensive gas reserves already in place under production tenure, which has underwritten their investment decision,” Dr Lynham says.

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