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Power Buddi -The only App You Need to Save Money with Solar Powered Energy

United Solar Energy (USE), Australia’s leader in the supply of cost effective solar energy solutions is proud to launch the Power Buddi. The app works as an energy concierge in conjunction with the homes solar panels. This allows the customer to manage their energy consumption 24/7 if they so desire with their smart phone. As more people turn to solar energy, this additional service will create further savings with some customers estimating a possible zero-dollar bill at the end of the quarter.

The app using AI cleverly gives savings back to families to spend money on things that are important to them. With the battery assessor customers are given realistic expectations of their energy consumption and subsequent bill. This allows them to budget their money in a more efficient way. In addition, the app will even review power companies and look for the best plan allowing customers to switch if they could be saving even more money on their energy bill.

Created in Silicon Valley, United Solar Energy acquired the app and has rolled the service out in Endeavour Hills and other surrounding suburbs with many already reporting hundreds of dollars saved. Although the app was created in the USA, it was funded and created by Australians. As such the creators felt it was important the app was brought back to Australia for execution.

USE CEO and Chief Engineer, Richard Vargas prides himself on being at the cutting edge of technology. Having launched United Solar Energy ten years ago he is always looking for the best of the best to improve the product offering. Originally an engineering company, USE has expanded to become a solar panel energy provider and works with real estate companies, developers and the industry to bring the best products and savings to customers. This new service will come as a welcome addition to home owners who transition to using solar power and want to save even more money.

With the recent win of a partnership with real estate development ELPIS, USE will provide this 360 degree solar energy solution to the new estate with 580 blocks. Already 120 customers have chosen solar panels for their roofs along with the Power Buddi app. The app is implemented after the solar panels are installed and immediately commences analysing, educating and assessing over a 24-hour period. As such, the Power Buddi really works towards improving quality of life as customers channel their savings into other areas. The Power Buddi is already proving a welcome relief to many as the USE team continues to expand and grow across Australia. Customers can feel safe knowing USE is one of the few “Approved Solar Retailers” in Australia, which is an additional certification awarded by the Clean Energy Council following an exhaustive accreditation process. USE is available in Victoria and has commenced expanding to Queensland and New South Wales.

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