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Prevention of risk is the key to safety – can you afford to risk it?

Safelace banner
Safelace banner

Welcome to Safe Lace Industrial

We have all experienced the inconvenience of having to continually stop and retie our shoe/boot laces, but do you realise the danger that this can cause as well? It is a HUGE safety risk and with occupational health and safety, along with work safety having such a massive importance on worksites and at workplaces for everyone untied laces and tripping is one problem that has not had a solution to – until now.

The risk of tripping over untied laces could be a disaster while onsite, carrying something or operating machinery, or worse still walking on scaffolding you could not only injure yourself but could injure others in your path too! This can, in turn, cause insurance claims and premiums to rise and workers to need compensation and time off, something that no worker or employer wants to see happen.

We all know that “prevention is better than a cure”, so let Safe Lace Industrial supply the solution and allow you to prevent these incidents from happening once and for all! Safe Lace will lock the work boot laces in place and STOP them from coming undone until you decide to untie them. Can your site really afford not to take this precaution?

Imagine work boot laces that will never come undone again; safe and effective … every time! SAFE LACE INDUSTRIAL has been stringently tested on work boots of all styles and all lace types throughout factory work, construction, mining, building and more, and is currently having an important impact with proven results that Safe Lace Industrial is keeping workers safer in all these industries.

Be a part of the Safe Lace Industrial Revolution – Concentrate on the job at hand, not on your laces, leave that to Safe Lace Industrial … we’ve got it secured!

Prevention of Risk is the Key to Safety
Can you afford to risk it??

Safelace logo
Safelace logo

Company Name: Safe Lace Industrial
Company Website: www.safelaceindustrial.com.au
Company Email: info@safelaceindustrial.com.au
Company Number: 0439 083 391

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