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Promise of more minerals & energy jobs in Qld

The Honourable Annastacia Palaszczuk has released the following statement, promising more jobs for Queenslanders. What do you think?

At the last election, I promised to lead a government that would restore hope and opportunity for Queenslanders.

There is no greater source of hope or opportunity than a job.

Data released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics last week confirmed 94,500 net new jobs had been created in Queensland since January 2015 to the end of July.

That is the equivalent of 100 new jobs every day since my Government came to office.

This achievement on employment has been as a result of a concerted effort by Queenslanders to work together.

My Government has worked with employers, their employees and their representatives to put in place incentives and protections for Queensland jobs.

We have set strong foundations with record investments in quality education and world-class health services for all Queenslanders.

We have re-established key programs, like Skilling Queenslanders for Work, to ensure Queenslanders are ready, willing and able to join the workforce.

We have revived investment in science and technology to Advance Queensland, by ensuring new and established Queensland businesses are at the forefront of the digital age, notsubservient to it.

We have worked with our key economic mainstays – such as agriculture, tourism, minerals, energy and construction – by strengthening our own investments and working with them on long-term plans for our partnership.

We have broken new ground for emerging industries such as large-scale renewables and biofutures.

We have worked with industries and communities to recover from prolonged drought and natural disasters, including Tropical Cyclones Debbie and Marcia.

We have extended our reach overseas – our export earnings have increased 48% to $65.9 billion.

We are attracting more tourists, more international students and more overseas investments to the benefit of Queensland businesses and jobs.

We have set the generous incentives for Queensland businesses wanting to hire new staff, with up to $20,000 for every new job they fill.

We have maintained our low-tax status and boosted the incentive for these businesses when hiring apprentices and trainees by reducing their payroll tax liability.

Most recently, we have released a policy to give Queensland businesses the opportunity to supply the goods and services their Government needs to deliver for the people of Queensland.

As an employer, we have strengthened frontline services in our hospitals, schools, emergency services and child safety.

Queensland Treasury has reported that and I quote:

“After Victoria (up 94,200 persons), Queensland (up 64,000 persons) was the second largest contributor to the 259,200 persons gain in national employment over the past year”.

For every four new jobs created across Australia this year, one has been created in Queensland.

Brisbane-based economist Gene Tunny said, “I have been commenting on Queensland’s improving labour market for several months now, and the July labour force data released by the ABS yesterday have confirmed that trend is continuing.”

Mr Tunny also stated, “Queensland’s unemployment rate would be closer to the national average if it were not for the strong recovery in the workforce participation rate over the last year. This is actually a good sign of the underlying strength of the labour market, but it means that people previously not looking for work have entered or re-entered the labour market and are competing for jobs with the unemployed.”

As we approach 1000 days in office, I rededicate my Government to continue to repair the widespread damage done before the last election.

Only by continuing to work together, can we continue to build a stronger Queensland for all Queenslanders.

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