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QCoal and SAB achieve 1000 days injury free at Collinsville mine sites

2014-04-01 10.01.12Queensland mining companies QCoal Group (QCoal) and SAB Mining Services (SAB) have reached a safety milestone, achieving 1000 days injury free across SAB operations at QCoal’s Sonoma and Cows sites just outside Collinsville in Queensland’s Bowen Basin.

QCoal Managing Director, Christopher Wallin, said the achievement is a reflection of the strong safety ethos which is embedded in the culture of the two companies, both of which are Queensland born and bred.

“Achieving 1000 days injury free is a credit to the team at SAB, in particular the company’s Director Scott Browne who leads by example and ensures that safety is at the forefront of operations” Mr Wallin said.

“I’m proud of the partnership that we have with the SAB team”.

Mr Wallin also said that the two companies shared the same values.

“In addition to an uncompromised focus on safety Scott and the SAB team also give back to the local community.  At QCoal we prefer to partner with likeminded companies and the partnership with SAB certainly reflects our values of safety and community involvement” Mr Wallin said.

For SAB’s Director Scott Browne this achievement reflects how SAB operates as a business, crediting his workforce and service providers.

“Without the commitment and passion from both the SAB team and our service providers this remarkable achievement would not have been possible” Mr Browne said.

“We are extremely proud of this achievement; it has been a strong and continuous focus of ours and will remain so moving forward”.

“To be perfectly honest, and without detracting from the team’s efforts, I don’t see this as a big deal, this is just how we do our business”.

QCoal and SAB achieved 1000 days injury free on Thursday 27 March.

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