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QRC memes to spread mining awareness

Queensland Resources Council Urges Government To Reject Greens Party Policy

While activists continue a “battle” against Galilee Basin mine projects, organising protests on Facebook and tweeting about anti-coal related topics, do they actually know how many mined metals and minerals they use every day – including their smartphones?


Thankfully, the Queensland Resources Council has been posting memes on social media, sharing how mining contributes to everyday life.

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Chief executive Michael Roche said the industry needs to find connections with people around what mining resources means in their daily lives.

“We talk about jobs and economic benefits… but every now and then we have got to talk about the bleeding obvious,” he said at the Energy Skills Queensland 2020 Conference in Brisbane yesterday.

“It’s just simple things – the smart phone needs 40 metals and minerals, solar cells need 16 mined metals and minerals, a wind turbine would require about 220 tonnes of coking coal for the steel that goes into making a wind turbine, and on it goes.

“Everything in our daily lives require something that has been mined, and that includes technologies we take for granted…”

Mr Roche said there is a real “battle” going on in the Galilee Basin, with the anti-coal strategy of activists groups to try and keep projects in the courts.

“The Supreme Court has started hearing objections to the Kevin’s Corner Project, we’ve had the Alpha project from GVK which has now been through the Land Court, Supreme Court, and is now off to the full bench of the Supreme Court… and Adani is still waiting for an answer from the Queensland Land Court,” he said.

“The activists don’t take no for an answer, and the legal system offers them multiple opportunities to slow down the final approvals for the projects.

“When people say the banks aren’t lending to Adani’s Carmichael Mine – we have just got to remember that no one is going to lend to a project that hasn’t got its approval and that’s the tactic of the activists – to keep these projects locked up in the courts in hopes that the investors give up and go away.”

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