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Qteq announces formidable partnership with GEOPSI

Qteq Pty Ltd has announced its exclusive distribution agreement with global market leader GEO Pressure Systems International (GEOPSI) to provide downhole monitoring systems.

The agreement, effective today, states that Qteq will be the sole supplier of GEOPSI downhole monitoring products across Australia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea with a focus on the Queensland coal seam gas market.

The exclusive distribution agreement solidifies an eight-year collaboration between Qteq and GEOPSI that has, to date, delivered more than 6,000 systems across the Australian subsurface.

Qteq Chief Operating Officer Ewan Meldrum said the agreement was going to create a strategic platform to transform the production optimisation model in Australia.

“We will combine Qteq’s unparalleled service delivery capabilities with GEOPSI’s advanced CSG monitoring solutions to create high value jobs in regional Australia by scouring the world for the best” Mr Meldrum said.

“Our locally trained Australian workforce delivers exceptional customer service, world class safety performance and, combined with the full range of GEOPSI-led product innovations, will enable our customers to improve production, reduce their overall well costs and meet their operational KPIs.

“It’s an exciting time with opportunities ahead and we look forward to making additional announcements from our Toowoomba Centre of Excellence on the coming successful technology trials.”

GEOPSI Regional Business Development Manager Nick Nazarovs said he was excited about the continued partnership.

“The commitment of both companies to safety, commercially innovative technology development and service excellence is second to none,” Mr Nazarovs said.

“While we have been successful, we will continue to develop technologies that solve our customers’ data problems while ensuring we can be responsive to pressure on capital budgets.

“Our focus on wire-based technologies has provided exceptional growth to date, however we are re-orienting towards the development and installation of wireless technologies. We believe this will change the entire CSG approach to monitoring production performance.”

Qteq continues to monitor and measure using technology to protect their social license to operate and build community trust within the industry. The combined focus on best-in-class service quality, high volume engineered-solutions, safety and downhole installation has seen both companies become a production optimisation powerhouse in Australasia.

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