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Queensland joins ‘Climate Coalition of the Willing’

The Great Barrier Reef is in the spotlight at conservation groups argue with Adani mining
Adani has faced conservation groups in court over potential damage to the Great Barrier Reef in Queensland

Queensland is working collaboratively with other Australian states and territories to tackle climate change and today signed a Climate Leadership Declaration and the Under2MOU during meetings with Vice President Al Gore.

Deputy Premier Jackie Trad said Queensland would do its part to fulfil the obligations of the Paris Agreement in the absence of federal leadership.

“The Palaszczuk Government is taking action to transition to a low carbon, clean growth economy and adapt to the impacts of a changing climate,” Ms Trad said.

“Today, in the absence of federal leadership and alongside Al Gore and my state and territory colleagues from Vic, SA and the ACT, we have reaffirmed our commitment to tackling climate change and achieving zero net emissions by 2050 through a Climate Leadership Declaration.

“As we go through this inevitable economic change, we know we can continue to grow jobs and the economy and get the transition right.

“That is why Queensland also signed on the Under2MOU, joining more than 160 signatories from over 30 countries.

“We will work with states, territories, local governments and industry as we build this new economy and wait for a national government that will take this issue seriously.”

Minister for Environment and the Great Barrier Reef Steven Miles said working with local councils and industry was essential.

“Our commitment to clean energy is already creating new jobs, driving investment and diversifying the economy, particularly in regional Queensland,” Mr Miles said.

“A key part of our transition and adaption strategies is to continue working closely with locals councils and industry throughout the state.

“And through today’s Climate Declaration we are committing to working collaboratively with our state and territory counterparts to understand what works and how we move forward together.

“We need the right policy settings, the right targets and the right governments to drive emissions down and meet our obligations through the Paris Agreement.”

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