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Quick Fill breathing air for a rapid response

In extended time-critical situations, such as rescue or escape with breathing apparatus, there needs to be a plan to efficiently manage the availability of breathing air. At Dräger, we are constantly reviewing how best to meet our customers’ needs in this arena, whether they are underground or on the surface. After comprehensive customer-led discussions, our in-house engineers have designed various Quick Fill solutions to support our customers with their emergency response planning. Thanks to our dedicated Engineering Solutions team, and by being the OEM, Dräger can tailor options to meet individual customer-specific requirements using our patented and proven air recharging technology.

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Dräger Quick Fill Stations increase speed and efficiency in the SCBA recharging process, thus supporting underground mining self-rescue systems. The Quick Fill Station has been custom engineered to deliver a high number of compressed air refills – a single sided unit has 6 refill points, while a double-sided unit offers 12 refill points. This simultaneous refill of up to 12 cylinders is performed at a rapid rate, and without compromising safety or performance. Dräger’s proven technology offers maximum breathing air output through consistent, full, and efficient utilisation of the storage air bank. Its unique design allows the air bank to be recharged by most commonly sized breathing air compressors and avoids the need to introduce additional ultra-high-pressure equipment into the underground environment.

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The Dräger ERQ 3000 is a mobile air recharging system that allows emergency responders to refill their breathing apparatus cylinders, uninterrupted, and with operational efficiency, in an increasingly challenging emergency response environment. The ERQ 3000 system utilises the same custom-engineered and proven quick fill technology as the larger systems, while offering portability due to the configurable sizing options and ultra-light cylinder technology. Because of this is allows the user to quickly recharge close to the event, so they can focus on the situation at hand.

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