QMEB ยป Runaway 2 tonne wheel falls off the back of a truck
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Runaway 2 tonne wheel falls off the back of a truck

Runaway wheel
Runaway wheel

Unsecured heavy vehicle parts slid off a trailer and rolled away.

Authorities recently investigated how a 200 kilo drill head, and 2.7-tonne tyre and rim, unexpectedly exited a truck on the way to an undisclosed New Zealand operation.

“A daily freight truck was descending a hill to deliver parts to a mine site. As the vehicle turned right at a corner the load inside the front trailer shifted and two items fell from the trailer,” a MinEx safety alert said.

Although no injuries or accidents were reported investigators still recommended that:

  • all loads are secured in transit
  • contractors and suppliers are trained in securing all loads
  • regular workplace inspections are held to ensure loads are adequately secured.

Click here to read the full safety alert.

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