QMEB ยป Search for missing mine worker shuts down Mt Isa Copper Mine
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Search for missing mine worker shuts down Mt Isa Copper Mine

Mount IsaAll operations at Glencore’s Mount Isa Copper Mine have been shut down while emergency personnel search for a mine worker feared missing somewhere in the underground mine.

According to the ABC, a spokesperson from Glencore said, “…the man was last seen underground at its copper operations at 11:30am (AEST) yesterday(Wednesday).”

Police Inspector Trevor Kidd said Glencore was coordinating the search as their emergency personnel were far more familiar with the mine’s underground complex environment.

“He is a 34-year-old man who works over in the mines,” the Inspector said.

“This really is a case of people working together, putting all our resources together to ensure that we can do whatever we can to locate this person.

“The difference here is that on the mine site, it is a very complex area, so we have to be extremely careful how we go about searching that area.

“We don’t want anyone getting injured when we are doing these searches.”

“The mines have their own procedures and the real difficulty is that it is a mine site so there is restricted access and it is a specialist area,” he said.

“Our role at this stage is very much a liaison role to look for someone that is missing.”

At this stage it is not known what role the man had at the mine or what work he was doing when last seen by colleagues.

More information to come…

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