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Shiploader equipment arrives at Wiggins Island coal terminal project near Gladstone

WICETThe first of the shiploader equipment required for the Wiggins Island Coal Export Terminal (WICET), near Gladstone, was unloaded on site on Sunday having left Malaysia in early June.

As an essential part of the coal outloading system, the tripper will transfer coal from wharf conveyor to the shiploader conveyor at up to 8500 tonnes per hour.

The delivery comes after the recently completed installation of the ships access platform (SAP), situated on the wharf between berthing dolphins two and three. The SAP provides a resting point for a ship’s gangway to enable pedestrian access between the wharf and berthed vessels.

The platform, which weighs approximately 53 tonnes and is 25 metres long and 10 metres wide, is designed to roll underneath the wharf when not in use, similar to a trundle bed or trundle tray on a motor vehicle.

At the jetty, 190 of 194 piles; 91 of 93 headstocks; and 65 of 76 galleries are now in place.

When completed WICET will comprise;

  • rail receival dump station designed to handle 7600 tonnes per hour
  • A 5.5km long overland conveyor
  • Stockyard area for 1.9 million tonnes of coal
  • Materials handling and sampling systems feeding the 2km long jetty conveyor
  • Single berth with a travelling ship loader to fill ships at 8250 tonnes per hour
  • Channels and wharf to accept a range of vessels from 40,000dwt to 220,000dwt
  • 132kV substation, access roads, workshops, administration offices and amenities

The estimated cost to build the project is $2.5 billion.

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