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Solar battery scheme savings on the horizon

Safety systems are being set up ahead of a scheme to help Queensland families install home batteries to store their solar energy and take control of their power bills.

Energy Minister Dr Anthony Lynham said tenders had opened today for an official battery safety inspection company to support the Government’s solar and battery loan scheme.

“Queensland has nearly half-a-million rooftop solar systems,” Dr Lynham said.

“We’re early adopters and the Government expects more and more Queensland families to choose to add a battery to their rooftop solar system to store energy generated during daylight hours.

“Once we have the safety systems in place, we will start offering interest-free loans and grants to drive battery storage and helping households have more control over their power bills.

“This will help Queensland families use more of their solar power as well as support an emerging battery storage industry and the jobs it will create.”

The Government also is currently assessing tenders for a panel of battery suppliers for the grant and loan scheme. This panel, and the approved safety inspection company from the new tender process, should be in place by November, with the interest-free loans to follow.

Around 1500 eligible families will benefit. The assistance packages provide interest-free loans of up to $10,000 over 10 years for a combined solar and battery storage system, as well as a battery grant of $3000.

Eligible families buying only a battery system will receive the $3000 grant, plus a loan up to $6000 over 10 years.

The battery grants and loans will not be means tested and small businesses also can apply for grants to install battery storage.

Dr Lynham said roughly 3000 solar systems and 100 batteries were installed in Queensland each month.

“These assistance packages will help more Queenslanders afford new battery storage technology, use more solar power, and control their power costs,” he said.

Tenders will be open for four weeks HERE.

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