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Specialised safety solutions for all industries

Mines Rescue Consulting
Mines Rescue Consulting

New South Wales Mines Rescue is part of the Coal Services group that provides specialised health and safety services to help protect the health and safety of those working in the Premier State’s coal industry. They also service a broader customer base that includes other extractive and heavy industries.

Wayne Green, general manager mines rescue and regulation and compliance, revealed that while Mines Rescue’s roots were founded in emergency response in 1926, today the business is better known for helping mining operators manage risk and operate safely through specialised safety training.

“Mines Rescue’s primary role is to maintain a response capability should an incident occur at a mine. We train and prepare brigade members and surface emergency responders with an array of specialised tasks and rescue techniques. We also work with management teams to help incorporate widely accepted Australasian emergency response principles, such as the Incident Command and Control System, into their emergency management systems,” he said.

Fortunately, major incidents requiring brigades to respond are limited, which is a credit to today’s safety focussed operations.

Green indicated training his employer offers looks beyond emergency response to build the skills and knowledge that focus on safety awareness and working safely to reduce incidents from happening in the first place.

“Safety training and emergency preparedness are critical in any hazardous industry. But it is equally important to ensure that health and safety policies are in place and that they are implemented and monitored on a regular basis. This is a side of safety management that can be difficult and complex, or even forgotten until it’s too late,” he said.

To help employers better understand and manage their work health and safety obligations, Mines Rescue has a team dedicated to providing safety and emergency management consulting and compliance services. It is a service that complements the work they do in safety training and emergency response.

This includes audit services, crisis and emergency management solutions, development and testing of emergency management systems and safety management systems, as well as risk scoping and assessment.

“No one ever walks into work or starts a shift expecting an incident to happen that day. But those sites that put the time and effort into developing robust emergency management systems, training their personnel and regularly testing their systems, will be the best equipped to deal with the situation. It’s about maintaining vigilance and not becoming complacent about safety.”

About Coal Services

Coal Services is an industry-owned organisation committed to providing critical services and expertise to the NSW coal mining industry.

It operates a Specialised Health and Safety Scheme that provides an integrated suite of services aimed at preventing injury and illness in the workplace. These services help employers to identify, assess, monitor and control many risks inherent in the NSW coal mining industry.

Its preventative and responsive services in the areas of occupational health and safety, workers compensation, mines rescue and training help to deliver on our purpose ‘to protect’.

It is jointly owned by two shareholders, the NSW Minerals Council and the Mining and Energy Union. Our purpose, vision and values are aligned to focus on the safety and health of our industry and its workers.

Coal Services
Coal Services

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