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Strong procurement can lift organisational performance says expert

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A productive purchasing department can help employers achieve objectives.

Many businesses believe the keys to success are effective sourcing, bargaining and supplier management. However, Henley Management College honorary fellow Raymond Meredith Belbin believes high-performing procurement workers are equally important.

Belbin recently revealed purchasing employees can attract far better results when having a deeper understanding of team dynamics and a greater variety of duties.

“[This can] create a balanced professional and emotional skillset,” the Good Spending blog reported.

The Belbin team role theory identified the following organisational roles:

  • plants are characterised by creativity, originality, and the ability to generate unique ideas and solutions
  • resource investigators possess strong interpersonal skills and enjoy building relationships with external parties
  • coordinators are natural team leaders who are skilled at bringing people together, ensuring effective collaboration and maintaining harmony within the team
  • monitor evaluators have critical thinking, objectivity and a strong analytical mindset for assessing information, evaluating options and making informed decisions
  • implementers are practical, efficient and known to have an attention to detail for turning ideas and plans into tangible actions
  • completer finishers are meticulous, detail-oriented, and focused on delivering high-quality outcomes
  • team workers excel at helping others overcome differences and avoid conflict while striving towards a common goal
  • specialists have specialised knowledge, skills and expertise in specific areas
  • shapers are dynamic, assertive and action-oriented individuals who thrive in challenging situations.

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