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Jakob Stausholm

Mineral multinational approves $26B mega project

A resources giant gave its blessing for a Pilbara ‘killer’ mine. Rio Tinto’s board of directors recently gave the green light for the $26 billion Simandou mine, 526km southeast of...

Anglo American underground mine

Underground collapse kills 22 workers

Wet weather and substandard construction claimed the lives of more than a dozen subterranean employees. Authorities recently investigated what caused an underground mine to collapse and kill at least...

Impala mine

Multiple underground mine workers suffer fatal fall

Almost a dozen subterranean employees plunged to their death. Authorities are examining how lifting machinery fatally dropped 11 night shift workers at Implats’ Impala mine. Investigators are...

Simandou mine site

$26B mega project partners reach agreement

Multinational employers revealed how they plan to construct a Pilbara ‘killer’ mine. Rio Tinto and four other proponents recently reached a mutual agreement on their $26 billion Simandou...

Simandou mine site

$26B mega mine secures new funding

A Pilbara ‘killer’ project is one step closer to construction. Rio Tinto recently confirmed it would invest US$100 million (A$155.3M) in the new Simandou mine, 526km southeast of Conakry...

Simandou mine site

$26B mega project reopens

A Pilbara ‘killer’ development resumed after proponents settled a long-running dispute. Rio Tinto recently reopened its US$20 billion (A$26.7B) Simandou Project, 526km southeast of...

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