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Driving Technology

Driving is one of the most dangerous things we all do on a regular basis and it has been identified by mining companies as a considerable risk – with many companies indicating it is the number one...

Carnarvon National Park

After leaving Roma and driving several hours north through dry semi-arid bushland, the approach to Carnarvon Gorge comes as a lush, tropical surprise. The soaring palms, rich green ferns and...

Inskip Peninsula

Camping at Inskip Peninsula over the Easter Holidays is only recommended for the clinically insane. And for anyone who enjoys sleeping mere inches from 32,674 snoring strangers. So the fact that half...


On the skids

[hr]Specialist crash investigator and mine site driving trainer, George Foessel examines the reasons why the condition of road surfaces and driver training are so important to mine site safety.[hr]...

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