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INSKIPCamping at Inskip Peninsula over the Easter Holidays is only recommended for the clinically insane. And for anyone who enjoys sleeping mere inches from 32,674 snoring strangers. So the fact that half the population of the country (it seems) still pours into the small peninsula during that magical week in April is testament to what a top spot “DI” is.

What makes DI such a great place to camp is the fishing. It’s also the surfing. And the four-wheel-driving. Whale-spotting is pretty awesome also. As is the boating. And then there’s the scenery. In fact there’s not much about DI that doesn’t make it a top spot for a brilliant camping weekend.

Just not during Easter.

And Wolf Rock, a formation of four volcanic pinnacles a short distance from the point, is rated as one of Australia’s top 10 dive spots.

DI can be found sticking out into the ocean north of Rainbow Beach. A bitumen road takes you all the way to a roundabout, 500 metres short of the 4 Wheel Drive Barge access track. This makes it popular with campers without 4WDs.

Access: All vehicles
Best time of year: Anytime except the Easter long weekend
Best bit: A great all-rounder


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