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Rio Tinto trainees

Mining giant seeks job applications from novices

A multinational resources company is hiring newcomers who are proactive and want to leave their mark on the industry. Rio Tinto recently opened applications for its 2021 vacation and graduate program...


Projecting Forward

We’ve had a whip around the state to provide you with a small sample of proposed mining and energy projects to keep your eye on, and updates on current developments. 1 KIDSTON SOLAR PROJECT The 150MW...


Mining for connections

As productivity and returns on investment declines in the Australian mining industry, mining operations are turning to Industrial IoT to improve returns, streamline processes and use big data...


Happy Campers

Much has changed in the average modern mining camp, from the design of the humble donga, through to the range of technological advances that employees have come to expect and rely on for their...

01 More Power To You

More power to you

Power-over-Ethernet & Powered Fibre solutions signal the future of mining Staying ahead of the latest innovations keeps Australian mining strong, and in the uncertain economic times facing the...

Innovation – The Salvation of the Mining Sector

With the worldwide minerals market in the doldrums, Queensland’s resources sector needs to smarten up. It’s not just about digging bigger holes, but digging bigger holes in better places; extracting...


Real risk of cyber hacking

[hr]Cyber hacking and the breach of information systems security is emerging as one of the top risks to the mining and metals sector. The threats are real and on the rise according to Ernst &...

The Cronos half-height

Cronos has been involved in the Australian domestic market since the early 1990s, and specialises in providing high quality containers suited to carrying bulk-products that need to be securely...

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