Glencore coal

Coal jobs predicted to disappear in 2041

A growing list of countries committing to carbon neutrality could significantly impact on the coal industry in the next 20 years, a new report found. Virtually all coal mine workers will have no...

Glencore coal

China coal ban could last well into 2022 say analysts

An Asian superpower’s Australian coal import suspension will last for at least another year, a mining research group predicted. Wood Mackenzie estimates the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) will keep...

Peabody Energy coal

Microwaving coal produces surprising results

Scientists have discovered that exposing ordinary coal powder to electromagnetic radiation can turn it into a valuable crystalline conductor. The University of Wyoming recently discovered heating up...

Hydrogen peroxide processing diagram

Hair bleach mineral processing works says study

A pale blue liquid commonly used to dye hair can help extract precious metals as effectively as conventional resource extraction methods, according to new research. A Curtin University study has...

Geoscience Australia

New opportunities in critical minerals revealed

The industry could make a lot of money if it invests in these new growth areas, a new publication has revealed. Geoscience Australia claims the industry could become a major global supplier of...

Mining companies are exporting more says data

The resource industry could be on the brink of a new upturn according to new research. The latest Australian Bureau of Statistics data shows exports of minerals, fuels and lubricants rose 41.6 per...

Dump trucks

Mining production on the rise says data

Boom times could be just around the corner, following new research showing mining production is on the increase. According to industry information service Resources Monitor, there could be a gradual...

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