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A Bright Future

CSIRO solar technologies are helping to power Japan and lower the country’s emissions. Solar is a reliable, stable power source that will be key to Australia’s low-emissions future and CSIRO is...


20 Shades of Brown Coal

Minerals expert Dmitry Przhedetsky says lignite processing is a “miracle waiting to happen” and has shared 20 processing options to be considered.  Several times I have been asked by people outside...

01-Positive Energy

Renewables in mining – Futuristic or realistic

[hr]Mining is an energy-intensive industry and energy is an essential operational consideration. Energy access is becoming increasingly difficult and expensive in many regions of the world, with...

Innovation – The Salvation of the Mining Sector

With the worldwide minerals market in the doldrums, Queensland’s resources sector needs to smarten up. It’s not just about digging bigger holes, but digging bigger holes in better places; extracting...

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