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A Bright Future

CSIRO solar technologies are helping to power Japan and lower the country’s emissions. Solar is a reliable, stable power source that will be key to Australia’s low-emissions future and CSIRO is...


20 Shades of Brown Coal

Minerals expert Dmitry Przhedetsky says lignite processing is a “miracle waiting to happen” and has shared 20 processing options to be considered.  Several times I have been asked by people outside...

Queensland Exploration Scorecard Results

With the Queensland Exploration Council’s Exploration Scorecard now available for viewing online, a variety of both positive and negative results have come to light. As it’s stated in the...

Australian Mine Sites – Powered by the sun

[hr]The day when Australia’s remote mine sites will be run on solar and other forms of renewable energy is not far away, writes Ivor Frischknecht.[hr] Renewable energy has emerged as an affordable...

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