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Queensland Exploration Scorecard Results

With the Queensland Exploration Council’s Exploration Scorecard now available for viewing online, a variety of both positive and negative results have come to light.

As it’s stated in the report:

“This year’s scorecard brings down mixed findings. Clearly, the operating environment remains very tough – spending and capital raising are down from last year. The outlook is perhaps most stark for the drilling industry. However, the Queensland Government has been listening to industry and has a clear agenda for reform, exemplified by the MyMinesOnline initiative. This scorecard provides early readings that these reforms are providing benefits for explorers in Queensland, as many aspects of industry sentiment have recovered strongly from last year.”

The legend in the report gives scores from Good through to Significant Problems, and while there were plenty of green circles in 2014, indicating a Good result, the amount of red results have certainly made no effort to conceal themselves.

Performances in the areas of Resources Prospectivity and Endowment, State Government Geoscientific Funding and Activities, Access to Tenure and Liveability in Queensland have all been given a Good rating, however where the state’s exploration ratings fall down in the areas of:

  • Resource Prices (specifically a significant global oversupply and a slowing in demand from China is reducing prices of thermal and metallurgical coal)
  • Regulatory and Policy Stability
  • Operating and Investment Sentiment and Access to Equity Capital.

For more detailed information, or to look at graphs and statistics, head to www.queenslandexploration.com.au/2012-queensland-exploration-scorecard-launched/


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