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Coal train

North Qld coal accident kills vehicle occupant

Authorities recently investigated how a fossil fuel transporter fatally struck a four-wheel drive. A 50-year-old passenger died after a coal train collided into a Toyota Landcruiser on Peter...

Rio Tinto mine pit

Authority investigates driverless vehicle accident

Officials are examining what caused autonomous machinery to crash. The Office of the National Rail Safety Regulator (ONRSR) is still trying to determine how a driverless train suffered an accident...

BHP CEO Mike Henry

Mining boss accepts blame for poor work environment

A resources executive acknowledged his employer was responsible for substandard conditions. BHP accepted fault for the recent deaths of fitter Nathan Scholz and colleague Jody Byrne. Scholz, who was...

Pembroke Resources

Central Qld coal mine invites suppliers

A resources producer is keen to hear from prospective tenderers in Queensland’s Isaac region. Pembroke Resources recently invited suppliers to its $1 billion Olive Downs Coking Coal Project...

Burton Coal Mine

Multiple Qld coal mines open

Fossil fuel production will jump in Queensland’s Isaac and Darling Downs regions. Bowen Coking Coal (BCB) recently confirmed it reopened the newly acquired Burton Coal Mine, 165km southwest of...

Westwood coal train wreck

Employer charged for Central Qld coal fatality

A state-run company was formally accused of neglecting health and safety obligations, resulting in death. The Office of the National Rail Safety Regulator (ONRSR) recently filed three charges after a...

BHP port rail

Heavy vehicle fatally collides with mine worker

Authorities are investigating how a large locomotive struck and killed a resources employee. WorkSafe, the Office of National Rail Safety Regulator and Western Australian Police Force are trying to...

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